Eve of eve

I have finally decided to renew my passport online, taking picture of my passport photo and resizing it, logging into the website to apply for the renewal. But no. No I did not end up renewing it in the end. Because I made the same mistake in 3 consecutive tries. I misinterpreted “Date of issue of NRIC” as date of issue of passport. So I entered the same mistake thrice because I thought it was the system’s mistake. Now I’m required to wait 24 hours before I can re-apply. >:(

My body clock’s really screwed the past few days due to my overwhelming and cannot-be-ignored motivation in the dead of the night. Sleeping at 2/3am made me wake up at 12/1pm in the afternoon thus having brunch at 2pm and dinner at 7pm, which means I have just 2 meals a day. How unhealthy is that? Paid the price for it tonight, feeling the headache and nausea. That’s it, I’m definitely sleeping before 12 midnight today.

Have I mentioned how I’ve been addicted to Spotify’s YFC lately? It’s the only playlist that makes me productive. Completing 9 pages of a report in 3 days is definitely not something I can achieve without it.IMG_7325


Attempted a 30-min Caramelized Shallot, Spinach and Goat Cheese Garlic Butter Pasta for dinner last night. Except I replaced goat cheese with parmesan because I couldn’t find goats to give me cheese. Just kidding, I couldn’t find it in the supermarket. Made it again today plus an extra cheese omelette for lunch because yum. Recipe here if you’d like to try! :) Made some latte macchiato with the new coffee/tea maker too!IMG_7367



Currently sipping on peach tea made from the coffee/tea machine I swear I’m addicted to using it. Note to self to add less ice cubes. The tea doesn’t taste half bad though.

2013’s about to end in approximately 2 days and I swear I’m beyond excited. I know to some it might be just moving on from one day to another but I really have had enough bad times this year. Superstitious it may sound but I can’t help thinking it has to do with the number “13” in the year. Apologies to those out there who like this number. 2014 is definitely gonna be a better year I can feel it. And it all begins in less than 2 days. Making realistic new year’s resolutions and putting ’em into W’s X’mas gift on the 1st of January. :)

I have plenty to clear off my to-do list before Wednesday arrives. That makes tomorrow Workaholic Tuesday.

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